Addressing Comments Regarding Accommodation Theory

Hello readership!  I’ve had some positive feedback on my paper now, and I am now absolutely convinced that accommodation proves Legendre’s Conjecture and Brocard’s Conjecture!  Also, it’s exciting to see that people are reading this blog worldwide.  Still there are some lingering questions that needed to be addressed, so I did my best to address them in the below addendum.  Read it and enjoy!  Once you start agreeing with me that this is the way to prove Legendre’s and Brocard’s, please start spreading the news.  This is the only way knowledge makes it out into the world.  Finally, feel free to start following my blog or posting your own comments in the comment section.

Brief Addendum Regarding Accommodation



PS – If you’re looking for the original paper, you can find it here:

Accommodation Theory, Legendre, Brocard


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